What happens if I earn more than 12 hours of Continuing Education in a calendar year?

Board rules allow you to carry over up to eight hours of the excess hours you earned in a calendar year. However, if the extra hours are due to a course in Board Act and Rules or ethics, they cannot be carried over (see number 2 above).

For example, Frank N. Stein takes a 3 hour course in ethics at the beginning of the year. Later he participates in a conference that gives him 4 hours. Next, he sees an online course that intrigues him and he earns another 4 hours. Not thinking about it, the end of the year is upon him and he is short 1 hour. He takes the Board-offered ethics course and earns 3 hours, giving Frank a total of 14 hours. Frank has no hours to carry over. He needed at least 3 hours in Board Act and Rules OR ethics. He took 6 hours total. Since he has to take a course either in Board Act and Rules OR ethics each year, he cannot transfer the extra 2 hours he earned from the ethics class. And, he will have to either take the Act and Rules OR the ethics course again the next year.

Another example, I. Arn Mann takes a couple of courses early in the year and he earns 8 hours. He later attends a conference and earns 4 hours. Shortly after, he takes an ethics course and earns 4 hours. Mr. Mann has a total of 16 hours, of which 4 hours from the conference can be carried over to the next calendar year.